Mrs. Kagame awarding Umuseke as Young achievers 2017
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  • November 25, 2018
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The First Lady of Rwanda urges youth to bring to Rwanda the relevant solutions for socio-economic development as she awards Umuseke IT Ltd among others in Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers (CYRWA) Awards ceremony on 7th December 2017.
Mrs. Janet Kagame encouraged the awardees to keep their passion and abilities to bring the needed innovations for development and being model to many younger Rwandans.

10 young achievers, individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations whose work benefits youth, were recognized by First Lady’s organization Imbuto Foundation and the Ministry of Youth for their innovative approach and contributions that have significantly improved lives in the country and beyond.

Among them, Umuseke IT Ltd, a local news website publishing in Kinyarwanda and English launched by two fresh graduated of Journalism, and IT in March 2011 and later the house turned to be one of the top three professional, influential and visited websites in Rwanda.

Over the years Umuseke news has influenced decisions on social responsibilities in Rwanda, shed light to hidden truth through investigative stories, given job opportunity to around a hundred of young people and source of living to employees with also millions of francs of taxes for development of Rwanda.

During the ceremony, Mrs. Kagame said the awardees remind her that there are no limitations to those who set their sights on a noble cause, and who seek to change our communities for the better.

Samba Cyuzuzo the award receiver and Co-Founder of Umuseke IT Ltd says the vision, resilience, hard work and teamwork of Umuseke led to this high reward.

“We endeavor to reach higher, we want to take the bigger part in problems solving process to Rwandans through news and IT. This award is an encouragement to this aim but also a bar raised ahead of us to jump over.” Cyuzuzo said after receiving the award.

Umuseke has a traffic average of 75 000 IP address per day for news, currently has around a team of 15 news reporters, two editors and a chief editor. It is one of the leading social enterprises in Rwanda but also profitable through advertisement and IT services.