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  • November 25, 2018
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Over 40 companies, institutions, and individuals got special recognition after emerging top of their categories at the Service Excellence Awards, over the weekend. Umuseke IT Ltd wins the best in the Online news website.

Organized by the East Africa Youth Development Agency, the awards gave special recognition to companies and individuals in sectors ranging from media, energy, hospitality, banking, tourism, to IT, among others.

This year, 3rd session, competitors were ranged in 40 categories of different sectors. Organizers have already intimated that they hope to introduce even more categories as the years go by, and as the need arises.

In online media, Umuseke IT Ltd won the section with most of the online voters giving the votes of preference on service delivery by the house. Umuseke publishes online in Kinyarwanda and English since 2011.